Our mission is to teach youth in Singapore the basics of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications.





Let the adventure begin: explore how you can use artificial intelligence to prepare yourself for an exciting future. Empower yourself to use machine learning and automation to achieve what your imagination draws in your mind, and learn why it’s so important to do it in a humane and ethical way. #JoinEmpower


Empower Pilot- NgeeAnn

Empower will have two pilots at Ngee Ann Polytechnic starting October 2018. Upon their successful completion, the program will be launched across all 5 Polytechnics and then ITE in Singapore. 


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We’re excited about the wonderful students who are graduating from our first pilot. Their enthusiasm, hard work and positive feedback inspires us to scale this across Singapore.



“I believe the purpose of AI is to amplify human potential. For our youth to leverage its power and be bold, creative and innovative, they must understand the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.”